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This is a historical website dedicated to the body of work that has been left and the men who came through the ranks of the brand during different periods of its tumultuous history. Here you will find all that is authentic in the history of The Legends, the people and organizations that spawned the formation of this musical dynasty that has lasted over 6 decades.


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The Clubhouse has many members and continues to grow every day. Uniquely this has morphed into an international group of people with fans from many lands across the globe. We are in hope here to create the first Legends Clubhouse physically on the ground where you may come and socialize, dine, hear great music and share in all that was and is relating to The Drifters Legends.


The Drifters Legends uniquely are few! They are made up of the remaining recording members out of the Atlantic, Bell / Arista Recording years which spanned three golden ages of Drifter music from 1953-1980, though in reality all the men who have recorded on Drifters records are considered to be in the Legends family.


The Clubhouse franchise was further created to bring to the rest of the world the awareness of what this great organization was about and to continue the tradition that was established way back in 1953. We here support all legitimate Drifter interest and embrace all the factions that have surfaced over the years.......Butch Leake


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