Sue Bull

London UK England.. Sue Bull is truly one of the Drifters most loyal fans. Her enthusiasm is quite remarkable. Her passion and will to help out is to be commended. A soldier in the front line. We love her.....D Legends

Rex Burks

Dallas Texas U.S.A. A loyal fan from the lone star state and music enthusias. A Drifter fan personified! I love his detailed view about history particularly when it relates to the history of the legends......Butch Leake

Peter Burns

London, United Kingdom... Peter Burns writer and music historian. A true Drifter enthusiastic. Peter has been writing about The Drifters for many years now and his knowledge in this area is most profound. I have known Peter now for many years. Starting with my tenure with the group in the early 70's till the present. A gentleman and scholar as the story goes and a true friend.......Butch Leake

Claude Chaney

Somerset, New Jersey... A musician, singer and Drifter enthusiast. What can one say about Claude, that he is a pleasure to listen to with his profound knowledge on musical history.

Carole Coughlin

Staten Island, New York...A long time Drifter fan from the early days of the brand. Carole has been a loyal follower of the group through it's many lineup changes. A beautiful and wonder supporter of our old school and will always have a place in my heart.......Butch Leake

Janet Monro

England UK The late Janet Monro... One of The Drifters most loyal fan. Janet passed away after a fatal car crash in 2009. She will be particularly remembered for her great fondness for the members over the years. She nevered missed a show and was ready to help out and give her services in promoting the group. We spent great times together both here in the USA and England. She was the ultimate friend. One of her last shows she attended was The Drifters featuring The Drifters Legends at The O2 Arena in 2009. May God Bless her Eternally.........Butch Leake

Mags Whittle

England United Kingdom

Richard Weston

England United Kingdom... One of those great Drifter fans who I look forward to just sit down  with and have a beer and talk shop. He like so many others are religiously supportive of what the  group and it's members have been about over the many years of their existance.

Al Bennett

What can one say about Al but simply there is no finer individual. Mr. Bennett for those who don't know was the driver for the Drifters on our tour in the United Kingdom back in the 70s. He is surely looked on as one of my family and an ever lasting friend.......Butch Leake

Susan Mortan

Susan Mortan England UK.... is our latest inductee to the Clubhouse Honored fan list. A true Drifters fan. One who has always shone her willingness to participate in all that we do here in the Clubhouse...... Butch Leake

Helen Skillington

Helen Skillington England UK.... is our latest inductee to the Clubhouse Honored fan list 

A true professional, it was Helens skill and diligent efforts in marketing on behalf of PMG Prism Music Group UK that both The Drifters and former members of the groups including myself received a Gold disc for the CD "Up On The Roof" The Very Best Of which sold 100,000 units on Sony Music.” A  friend and wonderful lady The Clubhouse is honored to have her among our inductees.

Anita Nahal

Anita Nahal Princeton New Jersey... Is our latest inductee to the Clubhouse honored fan list. Another true professional, Anita PhD, CDP CDP, has been involved in teaching, administration, writing, publishing, for more than 25 years Nahal has a doctorate in U.S. History and is also a Certified Diversity Professional (CDP).  She has taken time out of her busy schedule to lend support and academic skills to the clubhouse and has been a consistent supporter of the Clubhouse. 

Paul Anthony

Paul Anthony London UK... One of our latest inductees to the Clubhouse honored fan list. 

Senior Presenter at GLO TIME RADIO Past: Radio Stations and 103fm the eye has been truly one of the Drifters Greatest fans and supporters over the years. Educated at  De Montfort University Class of 1990 · Leicester, United Kingdom is a very talented Radie Presenter and hilarious funny man. We are very happy to have his wonderful support.

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Brian Goddard 2.jpg
Anthony Gretton.jpg
A Piano Rose 2.jpg

Jodie Michelle Bradshaw England UK is a member of the Drifters Legends Clubhouse and has been a supportive fan for some years now.

Jodie Michelle Bradshaw
A Piano Rose 2.jpg

Brian Goddard who currently lives in Southampton England Uk has been a dedicated Drifters Fan for many years now. He has been in the entertainment business as well part-time, from the age of 17, super lights with the kinks, managed various local bands, the watts being the last one, put together shows for various venues 

Brian Goddard
A Piano Rose 2.jpg

Anthony Harold Gretton, Nottingham England UK has been a Drifters fan for many years. He is a member of the Drifters Legends Clubhouse and has been very supportive over years in helping in promoting the true legacy of its members.

Anthony Harold Gretton