The Drifters Legends History, Music and Photographic Legacy by Butch Leake 
This is a historical magazine dedicated to the body of work that has been left and the men who came through the ranks of the brand during different periods of its tumultuous history. Here you will find all that is authentic in the history of The Legends, the people and organizations that spawned the formation of this musical dynasty that has lasted over 6 decades.

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D Legends Universe fan club Magazine is now coming up to its fifth issue. We have purposely begun to release  the magazines prior to its posted date so as to maintain a schedule till we reach the ability to bring you a weekly edition.


In the second issue of the fan club magazine a  special tribute to the legendary song stylist Mr. Ben E. King who passed away recently.


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The Drifter Wars... Maintaining The Legacy

by Butch Leake
Coming soon! Important updates in the ongoing saga within in the controversial Drifter camp. The Fan club magazine has learned some important changes are to take place which may have astounding repercussions around the world. Let's say at this time the legal actions are still active within and without the United States. The Drifters Legends Clubhouse as some of you may know is busy in its PR campaign in setting the record straight! part of the reason for the support needed in its published books and magazine media. It's long been a problem the destruction of intellectual property such as the band names by poachers to include management organizations who run the band names like musicals! only in part because members either lost their right to the name through abandonment or not properly protecting their trademark rights. Or cases like The Drifters never really owning any rights at the off start, yet having to sign over the use of their name and likenesses which are used for years in promoting the brand and music that for the most part never share in the rewards reaped. The Truth in Music Legislation Bill which has been passed in 18 states here in the United States whereby there has to be at least one original member in the band to make it legal in any sense of the word still falls short of it intended goals. For what if all the band members are deceased! can the band be promoted as the real article? the Drifters as we know for years has been in and out of court struggling with this very problem with management organization promoting groups with nonrecording members 'when there are some legitimate members still living. It really is a trademark issue. Who owns the trademark and who maintains the integrity of the trademark? So it's branding. In the case of the clubhouse, it's keeping the integrity as far as the historical aspect which none of the latter seems to be concerned. So the question is in reality who represents the true integrity of mark. For more on this subject read Maintaining the Legacy in the next issue of D Legends Universe Fan Club Magazine.



















The Drifter Wars

January 19, 2016

"Oscar" The Continued Dilemma...
by Butch Leake
For the second year in a row, it seems that Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has revealed its lack of diversity in its exclusion of African Americans in its nominations. Highlighting this problem is the recent announcement that both film director Spike Lee and Actress Jada Pinkett smith plan to boycott the awards this year. For many years now it has been known that the Academy showed a lack of interest when it came to black and latino excellence in the field of film. The Academy and its membership have been one of the most guarded secrets. Yet it's known of the 6,300 members, 94% are caucasian and 77% of this are male. Black members make up 2% and Latinos members less than 2%.
Oscar voters the median age is about 62 and younger voters constitutes 14% of the membership. The Academy 15 branches are exclusively white male and 90% or more of every Academy branch except actors, whose membership is 88% white men make up more than 90% of five branches including cinematography and visual effects. It has been pointed out by Lee that the real problem is not so much with the Academy itself but the racism in the Hollywood studios, TV and cable networks, where gatekeepers decide which projects get made and which don't. The truth minorities are not in these rooms and util people of color are the nominees will remain white he pointed out. Actress Jada Pinkett Smith said in a recent video that begging for acknowledgement, or even asking, diminishes dignity and diminishes power. She will not even watch the awards this year. The Academy has faced years of criticism and that its members who vote on Oscars are mostly older white males who are out of touch with today's moviegoers. Academy President Cheryl Boon Isaacs who is black said recently that she is disappointed by the Oscar nominations " But this is not to take away from the nominated films. The 88th Academy awards will be hosted by comedian Chris Rock next month.



















The Drifters featuring         Rick Sheppard

In this special edition of D Legends magazine we will take a look at D Legends Rick Sheppard one of six golden age recording members who continue to keep the legend alive. Coming Soon!!

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The Drifters Wars

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