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For The Drifters Legends Clubhouse Radio:-

My repeat music & chat show today Tuesday 18 February 6 pm-7 pm U.K. time at 103 The Eye is with Butch Leake, talking about his favorite music and The Drifters Legends UK show at The Mountsorrel Memorial Centre in Leicestershire on 29th and 30th May 2020.

The East Midlands

Hello members of The Drifters Legends Clubhouse LLC, welcome to the Clubhouse radio.  I am Ling Pang, the radio host of the Clubhouse radio.  I’m also the radio presenter at 103FM The Eye and UK correspondent at Bonditunes International where I gained valuable experience in the music industry and media broadcasting.  I enjoy my work and importantly the support I received from you the listeners who mean so much to me.    

Earlier on this year in May and August 2017, having been a massive fan of The Drifters myself since the early 70's, I could say that I grew up listening to their songs that some of them were hits in the UK charts and the group was household name.  I would never have imagined many years later I got the exclusivity to host the very first interviews with The Drifters Legends Butch Leake, Joe Blunt, Clyde Brown, Rick Sheppard and Bobby Hendricks on my weekly Tuesday show at 103FM The Eye and other stations. I loved and enjoyed the experience of interviewing each one of them, who were friendly, staying in touch with their fans and easy to communicate with, and so it was a privilege having them on my show. The Drifters Legends talked frankly of their individual career during and after leaving The Drifters.  It was a surprise to learn that many groups have claimed themselves to be authentic and exploited The Drifters name performing all over the world and benefitting financially out of something which they officially never have been a part of.  

Thank you Butch Leake, the CEO of The Drifters Legends Clubhouse LLC for giving me the opportunity to host the radio show, which is set up exclusively to serve as a platform to inform and entertain the Clubhouse members and public on matters relating to The Drifters Legends current projects, music  and an aim to keep members up to date.  It’s also meant to be fun, entertaining and a point of contact for members.  

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The Barclays Digital Safety Index score is based on the ability of 6,000 UK adults to protect data, devices and accounts, and to spot digital threats. Respondents in the East Midlands completed a digital safety test and answered questions about the steps to take to protect their devices from online threats.

The East Midlands emerged as the most resilient region, followed by Yorkshire and Humber, and North-West England. On average, people in the East Midlands scored 6.46 in the test, higher than the national average score of 6.27, and higher than neighbouring West Midlands, which scored 6.22. With scores ranging from 1-10, (10 being the maximum score), this places the East Midlands as the most digitally safe region in the UK. London, Northern Ireland and North-East England and Birmingham came bottom of the index with Londoners with a master’s degree and aged 25-34 the most vulnerable group, with men slightly more at risk than women. Your IT Department UK

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