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The Clubhouse Membership

The Official Drifters Legends Club House is currently an open group on facebook. You may post relative infomation and share opinions related to the history surrounding it's members and organizations.  This is an historical group site dedicated to the body of work that has been left and the men who came through the ranks of the brand during different periods of it's tumultuous history. Trademarks, trade names, company names photographs or product names mentioned herein are used for identification only and may be the property of their respective owners. All Rights Reserved.....Butch Leake

Clyde McPhatter (1953-1954)
David Baughan (1953, 1954-1955)
William Anderson (1953)
David Baldwin (1953)
James Johnson (1953)
Bill Pinkney (1953-1956)
Gerhart Thrasher (1953-1958)
Andrew Thrasher (1953-1956)
Willie Ferbee (1953)
Jimmy Oliver (1954-1957)
Johnny Moore (1954-1957, 1964-1978, 1980, 1983, 1987-1998)
Tommy Evans (1956-1962)
Charlie Hughes (1956)
Bobby Hendricks (1957)
Jimmy Millinder (1957)
Ben E. King (1958-1960, 1981-1985)
Charlie Thomas (1958-1967)
Dock Green (1958-1962)
Elsbeary "Beary" Hobbs (1958-1960)
James Clark (1958-1959)
Johnny Lee Williams (1959-1960)
Reggie Kimber (1959-1960)
James Poindexter (1960)
Rudy Lewis (1960-1964)
Eugene "Gene" Pearson (1962-1966)
Johnny Terry (1963-1966)
Rick Sheppard (1967-1970)

Milton Turner(1967-1969
Don Thomas (1969-1970)
Bill Fredricks (1967-1974)
Butch Leake (1970-1976)
Grant Kitchings (1971-1974)
Clyde Brown (1974-1980)
Joe Blunt (1976-1980)
Billy Lewis (1975-

Ray Lewis (1978-88)

Louis Price (1980-86)

Jonah Ellis (1986)

George Chandler (1987-89)

John Thurston (1987-90)

Gene Jenkins (1987)

Joe Cofie (1988-95)

Tony Jackson (1989)

Keith John (1989)

Roy Hemmings (1990-2003)

Peter Lamarr (1990-91 1996-2001, 2004-08)

Jason Nembhard (1990 -?

Patrick Alan (1990 1998-2008)

Rohan Delano Turney (1991-2008)

Jason Leigh (1995-96)

Victor Bynoe (2002-08)

Michael Williams (2008-present)

Maurice Cannon (2008-2011

Steve King (2008-2012

Damion Charles (2008-2012 (present)

Pierre Herelle (2012-present)

Ryan King (2008-present)

Carlton Powell (2012-present)

Daniel (Bowen) Smith 2013-present


The Official Clubhouse Mug

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Legends Mug front-Samad
Legends Mug front-McPhatter
Legends Mug front-King.
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Legends Mug front
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Legends Mug front Butch Leake
Legends Mug front- Bobby Hendricks
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